30 - 21

Charlie hit #38 in August '83 with the great lost gem It's Inevitable

The Goddess hit #14 in November '83 with the underrated If Anyone Falls

Holly Knight was one of the most prolific songwriters of the 80's, but her group Device only managed this minor hit, which was still awesome. Hanging on a Heart Attack got to #35 in August '86.

Carl Anderson and soap star/"Facts of Life" theme song singer Gloria Loring got all the way to #2 with this cheesy classic, which I love far more than I should.

Laura Branigan proved she was no one hit wonder when her second smash Solitaire climbed to # 7 on the chart in May '83.

Karla Bonoff hit #19 in August '82 with Personally, a bonafide Adult Contemporary classic.

Quarterflash hit #3 in February '82 with Harden my Heart, early 80's pop at it's greatest.

The late Van Stephenson hit #22 in July '84 with the lost classic Modern Day Delilah. The video is pure 80's - big haired girls in lingerie, lots of neon, it's one of my favorite 80's videos.

Bananarama had their biggest hit with Venus, which spent one week at #1 in September '86.

And Toto too? Yes, and Toto too. Africa hit #1 in February '83.

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