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Laura Branigan hit #12 in October '83 with one of the greatest ballads of the decade.

Romeo Void is probably best known for Never Say Never, but their only chart hit was A Girl in Trouble, which peaked at #35 in October '84, and should have been a much bigger hit.

I'm sure I'm the only person on the face of the earth who owns THREE albums from Fiona. She had a great 80's rocker chick voice, but she never found the fame she deserved. I still don't know how Talk to Me flopped, but it only got to #64 in May '85.

Double sailed to #16 in September '86 with the dreamy Captain of her Heart, one of the most melodic songs of the decade.

Night Ranger hit #5 in June '84 and had the biggest hit of their career with Sister Christian, one of the greatest rock power ballads of the 80's

Kim Carnes followed up the gigantic hit Bette Davis Eyes with the brilliant album Voyeur, which flopped, as did the title track, which peaked at a disappointing #29 in October '82.

Fleetwood Mac's greatest song of the 80's hit #12 in November '82. Still one of the best videos of the decade.

Laura Branigan hit the top ten for the final time when Self Control hit #4 in July '84.

Dennis Deyoung only had one solo top forty hit outside of Styx, but it was the beautiful Desert Moon, which hit #10 in November '84.

The Cars had their biggest hit with Drive, which peaked at #3 in October '84.

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