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Quarterflash has two songs on my TOP 100. Their biggest hit is still to come, but I love this sadly overlooked  gem just as much. Take Me To Heart peaked at #14 in August of '83, and was their last entry in the Top 40.

Face to Face hit the Top 40 just once, but the irresistible 10-9-8 left an indelible impression. It peaked at #38 in August '84. I saw them in concert in the mid-90's when they had gone all College Music, and afterward I asked why they hadn't done this song. They laughed and said "we didn't think anyone remembered that song!"  Well, I did.

Rick Springfield was one of the great heartthrobs of the 80's. There are two songs from him on my list, and neither one is Jessie's Girl. The first is Affair of the Heart, which peaked at # 9 in June of '83.

This is the first of many songs from Kim Carnes on the list. None of which is Bette Davis Eyes, the song that made her and cursed her. Kim's '82 album Voyeur is my 2nd favorite album of the decade, and her '83 album Cafe Racers is also in my album top ten.
Her '86 album Lighthouse is an underrated gem, and the single Divided Hearts was a perfect summer song, but peaked at a wretched #79 in June of '86, and sadly was Kim's final Hot 100 entry.

The first of a couple songs by The Pointer Sisters, who ruled the airwaves in 84 and early 85 with hits off their album Break out. Their 85 album Contact was their last big seller, and the single Dare Me was their last major hit, peaking at #11 in September. They would hit the Top 40 only once more, with Goldmine in '86.

One of the most underrated soundtrack hits of the decade, This Is Not America from The Falcon and the Snowman was the only Hot 100 entry for Pat Metheny and one of the last Top 40 hits for David Bowie (he would only have a handful more). It peaked at #32 in March '85.

The first of a couple songs by ABC on my list, Be Near Me was their first top ten hit in the U.S, peaking at #9 in November '85

Debbie Harry's solo career didn't hit the heights of Blondie, but she still had a few solo gems, including this should-have-been-a-hit. French Kissin' peaked at #57 in January '87.

The first of many songs from Laura Branigan, my 2nd all-time favorite singer. Spanish Eddie was an inexplicable failure on the charts, peaking at #40 in September '85.

Marillion hit #74 in October '85 with their only Hot 100 entry. Should have been a much bigger hit.

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  1. You are my pop music soulmate! I wanna bring my Kim Carnes records over to your house and play!